You wish to connect Exact Online with Silverfin and don't know how to proceed? Or is synchronization already in place, but you have encountered some errors? In the article below, we have gathered tips that can answer your questions.

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How can I set up synchronisation with Exact Online?

Have you not yet set up synchronisation with ExactOnline and wish to do so? An admin user in your company can follow all the steps described  in the following article to set up this synchronisation at the office level: How can I set up a synchronisation with my accounting software? 

Why not all my files are not visible in the dropdown in Silverfin?

In ExactOnline, it is necessary to add the files you wish to synchronise with Silverfin to the "Silverfin Application." Please refer to the video below for guidance on how to complete this process:

After following the steps, please remember to click on "Refresh List" in Silverfin.

You can find this button where you set up your synchronisation within a file (where you selcect the reference):

My file synced with Exact Online is unbalanced. What can I check? (Retained Earnings)

When you notice that your file synchronizing with Exact Online is out of balance, it could be related to the 'retained earnings' setting. You can adjust this setting when modifying or setting up the synchronization in the file.

What does this setting do? It takes into account the way your results are processed in Exact Online. Since some time, Exact Online has been processing the results automatically. In Silverfin, you need to select the first year when this automatic processing began. 

In many cases, especially with newer files, this is the first fiscal year present in Exact Online.

You can always adjust this setting by setting up the synchronisation again (please consider the daily API limit for larger files; if this limit is exceeded in Exact Online, the synchronisation will only resume the next day).

When you synchronise with a 'synchronisation start date,' please be aware that typically the first fiscal year should be selected instead of the year in which the synchronisation begins in Silverfin.

While synchronising, I have received an error message. What should I do?

Your ExactOnline licence has expired. Could you double check if it's time to renew it? Please contact ExactOnline.

We no longer have access to the Exact Online environment due to an expired or invalid license. Please verify this in Exact Online or contact Exact Online for further information.

Account number missing for transaction %{transaction_data} on ExactOnline API. Please try again in an hour. If the error persists, contact Exact Online support.

Please check if the transaction mentioned in the error message is linked to an account number. If it is missing, please add it and try again later. If it seems to be linked, please contact Exact Online first to have this reviewed.

We can’t find a period %{period} for the following transaction: %{transaction_code}. Could you double check this in ExactOnline?

Check the period to which the transaction mentioned in the error message is assigned. Is it filled in correctly and without any typos? Have Exact Online verify this. If necessary, you can then contact Silverfin Support with the details of the transaction to have it further reviewed.

The credentials used to set up this sync have been marked as blocked in Exact Online and cannot be used to access any data.

The user that established the connection with Silverfin has been blocked. Check if you can unblock this user. If this is not possible, you will need to reconnect the synchronisation.

The file has been marked as blocked in Exact Online and cannot be accessed.

The file is likely blocked or archived in Exact Online. When a file is archived or blocked, Silverfin no longer has access to this file. Synchronisation is therefore not possible. Unblock or remove this file from the archive in Exact Online. Afterward, synchronisation will succeed again.

The Exact Online file cannot be accessed with the credentials used to set up this sync.

The file cannot be opened or found with the login credentials anymore. Please verify the permissions of the user used to set up the synchronization. Also, check whether the file is permitted in the Silverfin application within Exact Online, as explained in the above video.

The password of the Exact Online user who configured the sync has expired. Please renew your password in Exact Online. 

It is possible that the password has been changed in Exact Online, resulting in our loss of access to Exact Online, or your Exact Online password needs to be changed in Exact Online for security reasons. Once this is done, you may need to reconnect the synchronisation at the office level.

The credentials used to set up this sync do not have access to any files in Exact Online.

Please check, using the above video as a guide, whether the files have been added to the Silverfin Application in Exact Online. If the user who set up the synchronisation then has access to those files, theey should be able to find the files after refreshing the list.

Can I synchronise documents with Exact Online?

Yes, our synchronisation supports the synchronisation of documents. Once a document is linked to the transaction, it will also become visible in Silverfin. Depending on the quantity of documents, it may take some time for all of them to become visible in Silverfin after the synchronisation is completed.