You had already added quite a few client files to your Silverfin environment before we released the (amazing) Companies House what!? You know how to set up the sync for new clients, as part of the new client setup process, but what about your existing client files?

Fear not! We have you covered. Follow the steps below:

1) On the client overview page of the relevant client file, click ' Edit Client

2) Scroll right on down to the bottom of that screen to ' Administration Synchronisation' and click on the + icon:

3) Fill in the Companies House number (if in doubt, Google it!) and ' Save changes'.

How do you know if it has worked?

A banner will appear at the top of the screen verifying that the sync has been set up. 

If you click ' Edit Client' and scroll to the bottom (again) you should now see the list of directors/secretaries appear for that company.  Under the 'Administration synchronisation' section, you will also see the entity that the sync has been set up with (i.e. Companies House) and the sync reference number:

If you jump over to your ' Directors, Secretaries and Shareholders' template (otherwise known as the 'Statutory Information' template), you will see a yellow/orange (maybe mustard?) banner at the top of the screen giving you a friendly heads up that the data you've input (if any) is different to that of Companies House. If you click on 'Use the data from Companies House', the directors' and secretaries' information will be populated in the template!

What data is populated?

  • Directors / secretaries names, start dates and resignation dates,

You may see that the 'Director' tick-box is selected for the Secretary. Please deselect if required.

If something changes in Companies House, the banner will reappear and you will have the option to update the inputs again!

A word of warning: Please use this functionality when setting up this template for the first time. Currently, if you have information populated in the 'Shares fields' this would get removed if you refresh from Companies House.