My client has FX transactions in their Xero system...what now!?!

When clients have transactions in foreign currency, there are unrealised gains / losses associated with transactions. The Xero API does not provide access to these individual unrealised gains/losses and therefore, we have to deal with these clients in a slightly different way!

1) If your clients use Xero and have clients with FX transactions, we highly recommend using the Xero TB sync. This ensures that the TB values (post adjustments for FX movements) are imported correctly into Silverfin. 

The drawback of this is that you are not able to access the full GL detail. When you are setting up a client, please select the TB only sync.

2) If you really require the GL detail, you can continue to use the full Xero sync. In these instances, you can accommodate the recognition of unrealized gains/losses as part of the normal adjustment process. 

You need to quantify the unrealized exchange gains/losses from Xero and post adjustments in Silverfin!