Ready to submit your accounts to HRMC and then BAM, a dreaded error message shows!

This could be because of the way you are saving down the iXBRL file from Silverfin

Incorrect procedure leading to error:
1. Download iXBRL file from Silverfin;
2. Open it in the browser and click Save as;
3. Upload the file that was just locally saved.

Correct procedure:
1. Download iXBRL file from Silverfin;
2. Open the Downloads folder into which the file has been automatically saved;
3. Copy/Move THE EXACT FILE that has been downloaded in Downloads folder into the folder the client needs;
4. Upload the ORIGINAl file that was MOVED/COPIED from Downloads.

When the file is saved from the browser (opened in the browser and "saved as") the file is modified due to browser's own rendering. This causes issues when submitting to HMRC.

If an error message is still appearing after this, please contact our support team.