Hooray! You're moving over to an automatic sync!

It may be the case that you have a manual upload for your first period/s of data, and you want to switch to an automatic sync with the client's bookkeeping system (E.g. Xero). 

The below article outlines how to go about doing this.

Add the sync to the client's environment

1. Once in the relevant client file (hint: don't forget the shortcut control/command J!!), go to ' Edit Client' in the top right corner of a Client Overview page.

2. Select the sync tab and select "set up sync"

3. You are given 2 synchronisation scenarios:

  • To switch from a manual sync to an automatic sync
  • To replace all of the previously uploaded information with a data sync

Option 1: You are asked to select the sync you would like to set up and, then importantly, to select the transfer date (i.e. the date from which the sync with bookkeeping data should commence). 

If you select the Xero connection (for example), you would then be relocated to Xero to log-in.

Option 2: You are also asked to select the integration, only this time there is no 'transfer date' as you are syncing the whole file. Your manual upload data will be replaced with data from the underlying book keeping system.

PLEASE NOTE: To get your comparatives aligned, your bookkeeping system should use the same account codes as your previously uploaded manual data!