You can sync your client's information from Companies House! 

What do we sync:

  • Company name 
  • Company address
  • Legal form
  • Director's / secretaries names, start dates and resignation dates

1- Get your CSM to switch this on for your firm. 

This is an initial set-up exercise and only needs to be completed once!

2- Link the Company Number. 

When you set up a client, you can now add the Companies House, Company Number, and this will bring across the key details that Silverfin can access through the API. This includes: official company name, legal form, address and Director's details.

Add the Company Number to the 'Admin sync reference' field.

3- Syncing the information. 

The information from Companies House will sync overnight, each night. If you want to trigger this sync instantly, then make sure you are on the homescreen for that client. Then click 'Edit Client,' if you scroll to the bottom, you will see where the Admin sync is set up. Hit the 2 revolving arrows icon to trigger a resync!

You may also see the Edit button here, which allows you to change the Company Number if you have set this up incorrectly.

Once you have triggered the sync (or this runs automatically overnight), any information in the 'Edit Client' screen will update in-line with Companies House. You will also see the information of the Directors populates at the bottom of the Edit Client screen.

4- Use this information in the Directors, Shareholders and Secretaries reconciliation. 

When you first open the reconciliation, you will notice a new orange bar across the top, which is letting you know that there is information in Companies House that is not populated in this template. If you hit the button on the right "Use the data from Companies House," then you will see that the required information populates the required fields, and the orange bar disappears.

If something changes in Companies House, the orange banner will reappear and you will have the option to update the inputs again!