Why would you need to refresh your automatic sync?

In some cases, the authentication with the accounting software is revoked by your software provider, and Silverfin can't pick up the new data. It may be that your data hasn't synchronised and Silverfin support ask you to 'refresh your sync'.

In summary, the sync with the underlying bookkeeping system has been lost and needs to be renewed in order for your data to continue syncing with Silverfin. This may happen when the rights to access your data have accidentally been revoked or sometimes it just happens after a certain amount of time.

No need to worry, your work will not be lost. You just need to re-establish the link. 

1. Click 'Edit Client' and scroll down to 'Data synchronisation'

Choose the "sync tab" and select "switch sync" button. 

2. Select the third option

3. Complete the form by re-selecting the 'Synchronisation type' (i.e. the relevant bookkeeping system)

4. Enter your credentials for the selected bookkeeping system to reset the synchronisation

You will then be kicked out of SIlverfin to log into the selected bookkeeping system. Simple enter your credentials and that's that!