What is Single Sign On and how can it help you as a user?

SSO is used to simplify the login between multiple platforms. This means that you as a user should only log in once using certain credentials and you'll be able to log in to other applications as well with these credentials.

How do I get this set up for my firm?

You need to get your IT department to connect with the Silverfin SSO experts to get this set up. Please read this document to find out more. Silverfin-Single-Sign-on.pdf

We can set up:

1) Azure AD

2) Open ID connect

Just get in touch with your CSM with your requirements and we can get you set up!

How does it work once it's set up?

You can continue to add a new user as per normal! 

Please note! Once you use SSO to log in, for security reasons you always have to log in with SSO in Silverfin. The usual method, via e-mail address and password, will no longer work.