When synced with an automatic bookkeeping system (such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage), Silverfin is able to import the ledger details into the relevant account.

The ledger details within Silverfin can be viewed as follows:

  • Go into the account code and you will see a box on the right called 'View ledger'. Click on it to expand to the detail.

  • A breakdown of your GL details will then be shown. You can also see any attached PDFs to account lines!
  • You can 'Hide ledger' to return to the original collapsed view.
  • Please read this article to see how your Xero information appears within Silverfin

You're probably thinking "How can I actually use them to prepare my reconciliations?"

1) Within the reconciliation, scroll down to the 'Actions' dropdown and select 'Import reconciliation data'. 

2) Select 'From ledger' and choose which details you'd like to be displayed (the value will appears by default when the information is imported)

And there you have it! Your GL details are imported and ready to be reconciled (if not already reconciled)!

But what if I have imported a FX client file using a Xero - TB only sync???

You can still import data to be reconciled!

1) You will need to export the GL account details from Xero into an Excel report

2) In the account you want to reconcile, select 'Actions' as above but instead of selecting 'From ledger' you will select 'Upload Excel file'

You will then be prompted to select the relevant file and you will need to map the columns in the Excel to the fields in SIlverfin.

Note: In the case of an excel file, the 'Value' column must be specified unlike for a ledger import.

3) Once imported, the ledger details will appear and you will be free to reconcile your data!