Step 1: Complete the templates:

Make sure you have completed the required templates in your Accounts Production workflow (currently FRS102 1A and FRS105). Once you are ready to post, you should ensure that in the 'Overview' tab, you have selected 'Final' accounts and the correct 'type of report to be generated' (E.g. Full vs Filleted vs Abridged)

For support in completing these templates, please read this article.

Step 2: Ensure you have the Companies House integration set up 

Please contact your Customer Success Manager to ensure you have set up the integration with Companies House. To do this, we will require the:

  • Presenter ID
  • Authentification Code

Step 3: Generate the iXBRL

You may want to check your iXBRL first by using this checker:

To now post into Companies House, open the client home page (for the client you want to post accounts for) >> Select Actions >>Select Download Data

You will then be shown this screen:

Select the iXBRL for the correct type of Accounts (E.g. FRS102 1A for FRS102 1A). Remember, the iXBRL populated will depend on the type of accounts you selected in the Overview (E.g. If you have selected Filleted, this iXBRL will also be Filleted).

Once you have selected the right file type, your iXBRL will be generated (which should take c5-15 seconds). You are then given 3 options.

  • You can rename the export
  • You can download to the iXBRL 
  • You can post directly into Companies House

Step 4: Make the final submission into Companies House

You will then be taken to a final screen, where the Company Name and Company Registration Number should be automatically populated, and you will be asked to add the Company Authentication code.

Hit 'Submit' and then your accounts will be filed directly with Companies House! Voila!

You will also receive a 'Communication' via a note to let you know when this has been accepted by Companies House: