Think of the Apple App Store... apply that to Silverfin... and you get the Silverfin Marketplace!

The Silverfin Marketplace is the home for all Silverfin Account Templates, Reconciliations, Insights, Reports etc.

  • Your environment will be set up with the Account Templates and Reconciliations that are included in the Marketplace packages that have been activated in your environment
  • All UK customers will start with at least UK Working Papers and there is a wide range of other templates that can be added through the Silverfin Marketplace

How do I access the Marketplace?

It's very easy! Administrators can access the marketplace by clicking on 'Templates' and then 'Marketplace.'

You can quickly see which packages are already activated in your environment by clicking 'My Packages'

Once within the Marketplace, you can search through the Marketplace to view the other packages that you might be interested in. It's very easy - use the filters on the left-hand side!

How can I add a new package or update mine?

To add a new package, then please contact your Customer Success Manager.

To check for updates of new templates or reconciliations, click on a package to see more detail of what is in that package. If there is anything in that package that is not already in your environment, you will see an 'Activate' button next to it.

Marketplace workflow and workflow working screens

Silverfin Workflows deployed from the marketplace sync to any updates, which means you can be confident your workflow always contains the most recent and up-to-date templates and reconciliations. 

If you need to edit it, you’ll have the option to desync it from the marketplace, which will change it to become a firm workflow. If you’ve already made any changes to an existing workflow deployed from the marketplace, we’ll make it a firm workflow, and you won’t receive updates.

We expect many firms will opt for firm workflows that use our marketplace working screens. This will allow you to make individual customisation to the workflow with your own auto-add selection, checklists & export files, while Silverfin does the hard work of maintaining the content in your working screens.

Can I put things on the Marketplace?

Yes! If you have built any templates that you think will benefit other customers, then you can let your Customer Success Manager know, and they will discuss this process with you.