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To-do's are an important communication tool in Silverfin, similar to notes. The difference is that a to-do requires an action to be completed before the workflow can be finalized. To-do's contribute to the 100% completion bar of the workflow. Below is a summary of the most important information and clear guidelines for using to-do's in Silverfin.


Key Information

  1. What is a To-Do? 
    •   A to-do is an action item that needs to be completed to finalize the workflow.
  2. How to Find a To-Do? 
    •  To-do's can be easily found in the workflow.
  3. How to Check Off a To-Do?
    • Mark a to-do as completed once the action is performed.

Detailed Guidelines

How to Find a To-Do?

  1. File Overview: Here you can see the total number of to-do's and how many have been processed:
  2. Work Screen Work File: Filter on to-do's by clicking the lightning bolt:

How to Check Off a To-Do?

  1. Open the Communication Panel: Go to the account or note and open the communication panel on the right side of the screen:
  2. Mark as Completed: Click on the circle to mark the to-do as completed.
  3. View the Progress Bar: The percentage in the progress bar will increase once the to-do is completed:

Tips for Internal Communication Layout:

  • Bold Text: Put 2 * around your text. Example: **bold**
  • Italic Text: Put 1 * around your text. Example: *italic*
  • Underline: Put an _ around your text. Example: _underline_
  • Combination: _**Use a combination for bold underline**_