You've done a bit of a cleanup in Xero and decided to archive several nominal accounts that you no longer use. Good job!

'But will these pull through to Silverfin?' we hear you ask.

In short...yes!

Even though archived accounts have no value in Xero, they would have historically had a value and therefore transactions will be present on that account for the period they were posted in. Silverfin syncs all your client data from Xero...including the data in that archived account.

For this reason, we cannot simply ignore this account as it would light up your 'Unbalanced' warning and create an unhappy balance sheet.

What we have done, however, is highlight which Xero nominal accounts are 'archived' accounts by displaying '(archived)' next to the relevant nominal account on the mapping screen:

Depending on when there was last data in the account, you may still choose to map it as you would a 'live' account or you can simply map to suspense if the account was used a while back and you are sure it won't have an impact on current year figures or on prior year comparatives.