This Consolidated Accounts user guide is designed to help produce Consolidated accounts in compliance with FRS 102 and UK and IE company law.

Once a consolidated file has been set up and the FRS102 workflow added the first step is to change the account type to Consolidated. This can be done in the General settings template by changing the Type of set of accounts to Consolidated

Another input Parent Company should appear. Here the parent company of the group should be selected. The options will be the companies added to the consolidation. If the parent has yet to be added this can be done first by going to Edit client > Consolidation and adding in the required file. 

Now the accounts know which figures need to presented in the Company financial statements.

Consolidation adjustments

The adjustments functionality can be used to post consolidation journals. In the adjustments screen consolidated files have the additional option of selecting which entity each line of the adjustment should be posted to.

If a top level consolidation adjustment is needed this column can be left blank and the adjustment will affect only the consolidated figures.

If you have any other queries on the Consolidated accounts please contact support.