On Silverfin, client files can either be accessible to all (i.e. everyone who is a user is able to access this file) or you can make the file private (i.e. only selected users can access this file).

How to make the file private

1. Go into the relevant client file. Click ' Edit Client' on the right hand side and then go into the 'Users' tab on the 'Edit Client'  screen.

2. Deselect 'Make this file visible to all staff with multi-file access'.

3. This will make your file private. Now, when searching for your client file (either on the firm's landing page or by using the Control/Command J shortcut) you will see a shield next to that file's name:

Obviously you will need some users to access this file, so here's how to grant users access to private files:

Option A:within the client file itself

1. Follow step 1 in the process above to get to the 'Users' tab within the relevant client file.

2. Click on the 'Add' button on the right hand side.

3. Start typing the user's name and then a list of users should appear. Select the relevant one.

 What is 'Manage Access'?

Selecting this box enables this user to add other users to this file.

Option B: On the firm's landing page

 1. Click on the 'Users' tab and then select the relevant User profile.

2. Scroll down to 'Access to records' and click 'Add contributor access'.

 3. A box should appear below. Start typing the name of the file you would like the user to access and the file name should appear. Simply select the relevant file.

And you're ready to go!