Adding a new user in Silverfin is quick and easy! All you will need is the user's email address and to follow the steps below:

1. On the firm's landing page, click on the 'Users' tab

2. Click 'Add Staff User'

3. On the 'Data' form, fill in the relevant details.

Note: this is where you will select if a User is a standard user or should be an Admin user

What's an Admin User? In summary, a user with Admin assigned has access to all files, settings, users’ page and templates. Only admins can create new files and add new users.

Send confirmation email: This option sends the user an email enabling them to set a new password themselves. If this option is deselected, the administrator receives a temporary password displayed on the confirmation screen, which can be passed on to the new user.

4. Access to records

A User can be set up to have access to all files, or only to files specific to that user.

- Multi-file access will give the user access to all files (this can be amended, however, within a client file itself)

- If you only want the new user to have access to specific client files, de-select 'Multi-file' access and select 'Add contributor access'. You then need to select which files you would like the user to have access to.

5. Click Save!

Important! A new user has seven days to log in using the link in the welcome mail. If they do not do this on time, an administrator can resend the welcome mail by clicking on the button ‘Send Welcome Mail’ on this user’s profile.

This is an action that can only be performed by an admin user. If you do not have these rights, contact an admin users within your firm.