In case you didn't already know, you can have multiple mapping lists in Silverfin! 

This article is applicable if you have multiple mapping lists that may be applicable to a single client template.

Scenario A: There is only 1 mapping list that will ever be relevant to a client template

Example: All your client files are on Xero so you always want the mapping list on the client template used to be a Xero to SF mapping list that you've set up.

In this case, you will select the relevant mapping list on the client template (this is an Admin function) and all client files which are set up using that client template will automatically have the preselected mapping list. This mapping list cannot be changed.

Let's say you have a client template called ' Small Companies' and have a unique mapping list for this:
All my client files with the 'Small Companies' client template assigned will automatically have this mapping assigned which will help when setting up a new client file!

Not sure what client template your file uses?
On the client file itself, click ' Edit Client' and you will see this at the top:
If you scroll down to ' Account mapping' you will see the preset mapping list has been applied and is greyed out ( i.e. you can't change it).

Scenario B: BUT WAIT! The mapping lists I want to use on a client template aren't always the same!!! 
Don't worry, this part is easy!
When creating/editing your client template (remember, only Admins can do this), you must simply select the 'blank' option on the 'Account mapping list' dropdown:
When you add a new client file, you will then have the option of selecting which mapping list to apply to that file.

As always, your ever helpful CSM is available if you need any assistance or clarification!