Do you already have your adjustments stored outside of Silverfin? We're not fond of the idea of our users duplicating their efforts so why not import them into Silverfin using an Excel file (.csv, .xlsx, .xls, .ods). 

Within the 'Adjustments' tab, click on the 'Download/Upload' dropdown.

Select the 'Upload' option.

You can either drag & drop the adjustments file into the page, or click 'Browse' to find it on your computer.

Important: Use the suggested template to get you started (see attachment). You need to ensure you have all of the column headers - even if they aren't all populated!

Please keep the following 'import'ant points in mind when preparing your adjustments Excel file:

  • If you use tags and/or categories in the file, you can only place these on the first line of the adjustment;
  • There should be an empty line between the adjustments; 
  • Category is either 'internal' or 'external';
  • Tags must be the same as the ones configured (a reminder on how to tag adjustments here); 
  • You can fill in either account_number or original_account_number and
  • All the amounts should be positive, both credit and debit.

Need an upload template? See below: