When setting up the synchronisation of your file, Silverfin will automatically choose to sync from the start date of your file (the first day of the first financial year). 

However, you can also choose to start syncing from a later date onward, but only if that date is the first day of a new financial year. Should you choose to start syncing from a specific date onward, it is important to know what the impact of this might be on your opening balance.

If you set up the sync with a specific starting date (so not the first day of the financial year), Silverfin will one-time download the opening balance from your bookkeeping software. This happens when setting up the sync.

Because you have set up the sync to only start from a specific date, this means that the data from the opening balance will no longer be updated even if there are changes in the bookkeeping software that would have an impact on this. 

The reason for this is that the opening balance at this point is simply a sum of all the values of the periods pre-dating the chosen sync-date. 

Resetting the sync will not change this.

If you do wish to have an updatet opening balance in Silverfin, you would have to re-setup the sync with the same starting date as before. This way, Silverfin will create a new opening balance download from your bookkeeping software, including the changes made.

Still having trouble after following these steps? Please contact support@silverfin.com!