In this article we set out the steps you need to take in order to archive or delete a workflow.

Please note that you can only archive or remove the additional workflows, and not the default workflow that is determined by the chosen client template. Files need to have at least one active workflow.

Step one: archiving the workflow

Before you can delete a workflow you need to archive it. Go to the workflow you wish to archive and click on 'Actions'. There you will be able to select 'archive workflow':

To avoid workflows being archived accidentally, you will arrive at the following screen where you will need to confirm your choice. Please read the information here carefully:

If you now go back to the client overview page, you will see that the workflow is greyed out:

Step two: deleting the workflow

To delete the workflow you need to go into the previously archived workflow. There you need to click on 'actions' again, and now you will have the option to either unarchive the workflow, or delete the workflow:

If you click on 'remove workflow', you will be forwarded to this screen where you need to confirm your choice:

Once a workflow if removed, all the templates and data in this workflow is also removed. If the templates in this workflow are also present in other workflows, the data will be saved. 

It is not possible to revert this action! So please be sure you no longer need the workflow before removing it.