Each user can choose to collapse or expand the view of a workflow, and Silverfin will remember your last view for that particular client... even if you log out and log back at a later date!

This can be useful in helping managers return to the the correct part of the file to review, or partners who always want to see a condensed view! 

An example:

  • User 1 access file ABC and changes their view to collapse a number of sections within their Working Papers workflow. (E.g a Manager could collapse the sections that have reviewed already)
  • User 1 comes out of client ABC and works on other clients, (or even logs out), and when they return, Silverfin has remembered the levels of expand / collapse for client ABC
  • User 1 can change this at any time and Silverfin will always remember the last view!
  • Another user, user 2 can also log into client ABC, and can also tailor their view of the workflow working screen for Working Papers (in a totally different way to user 1), and Silverfin will also remember this!

The choice is yours!

An example of collapsing the working papers to start your view at Liabilities: