Silverfin Community is a place dedicated to those who like to create their own custom templates in Silverfin through the use of programming. Whether you have never made any before, or whether you already create and manage your own templates, you can find everything you need in the Silverfin Community to make you successful. Not only this, but our developers are always on hand here to assist with any questions you have too!

The purpose of the community is to share general knowledge and information that can then be used in your own unique code. Silverfin uses the programming language 'Liquid' to create and manage the various templates. Why? This can be useful if, for example, you want to prepare documents that are office-specific, or want to create templates that perfectly match your firm's needs. 

If you wish to create your own templates, first have a chat with your CSM to see how best to get started, and then visit to register.

Once you are registered, you should be good to go. Take a look around the community and read articles or questions other users have raised to enhance your knowledge, ask our developers programming questions and even write useful tips to help others learn too! 

The Community is divided into different categories and also has an easy search function. When you ask a question, be sure to add some keywords and categories so that our developers (or other users) can easily place your question in the right context and provide you with an answer quickly. We kindly ask for all questions to be asked in English only, to ensure that we have complete transparency across the Community and to help as many people as possible (including our developers to better answer your questions!). 

Are you an experienced developer or an enthusiastic employee? Everyone can go to the Silverfin Community to learn! Our community is an accessible sharing platform where knowledge is stored to help everyone.
New to the Community? Then be sure to check out these helpful articles;
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Developers Database a database of the most used syntaxes, tags, drops and filters in the Silverfin templates