Doing a bulk upload of a client files is an efficient way of bringing multiple client files into Silverfin, without having to go through the new client setup wizard each time.

What this means, is that Silverfin creates the 'shell' of a company, with all the basic details you would have entered if you complete the setup manually. The only thing 'missing' is the sync, which the user can set up when accessing the file for the first time.

The advantage of doing a bulk upload, besides the time saving, is that the file will be there for the users to access when needed. This eliminates the need for an Admin user to set up the file beforehand (as only Admin users can add clients manually into Silverfin)

Bulk uploads are done using (you know it....) a TEMPLATE!

The template has all the basic details of a client file that you'll need to fill in. 

Here's what each field means, and how to complete your input:

Client template: Which of your client templates you want to assign to this file.  We highly recommend sending us this detail as we bulk upload your files. If this field is left blank, the new client files will automatically have the default client template applied. This can be updated by the user when setting up the sync. 

Note: Be sure to change the client template before using the working papers if you plan on using this approach (i.e. leave blank and assign upon setup).

Company name: The company name as you want it to appear in Silverfin.

File number: Optional - adding this enables you to search not only by company name, but also by file number

Legal form: OptionalThe company form as you want it to appear in Silverfin. 

Company number: OptionalThe company number used for Companies House for filing. This is not linked with the CH sync but more for internal usage and will help set up the Companies House link on a file per file basis if you decide to use this feature.

Street: OptionalIf you need a few lines for the address, please put a comma between the extra lines of info you'd like to add (e.g. a building number, an address, etc). 

Note: This is important for accounts production, as it feeds into the relevant templates

City: OptionalSelf-explanatory

Note: This is important for accounts production, as it feeds into the relevant templates

End of first book year: Please use dd/mm/yyyy format. If you are setting up a sync- the year end will sync with the book keeping system and will override what you is entered originally- so feel free to put a standard date and let the sync override this,

Reporting frequency: 1=yearly / 4=quarterly / 12=monthly This affects the reporting and can be changed anytime. Please keep in mind your contractual limitations when doing this (i.e. the number of monthly and quarterly files you have available).

Fields that aren't imported (so not in the Excel file!) are:

Country: This should be updated on a 'file per file' basis in the 'Edit client' page. This is to ensure the option selected aligns to the options we have available in Silverfin as it will impact the templates used for accounts production clients.

Note: This is important for accounts production, as it feeds into the relevant templates. 

Currency: This is also not imported and defaults to GBP. You can amend this on relevant client files if needed.

Once we have uploaded this information, you will be able to access your new files. When you go to the overview screens of the newly created files, you will see that the user will then just need to set up the sync, or add any manual data.


To sum it up, here's a recommended process:

1) Download the bulk upload template here:


2) Complete the template using the guidance above and the masterclass video.

3) Send your completed template to your CSM to upload for you

Upon first accessing the client file, go. to 'Edit client' and:

a) Assign the correct client template, if needed,

b) Select the 'country' from the dropdown,

c) Select the 'currency' from the dropdown, and

d) Set up the sync/Upload the trial balance.