There are two ways of quickly accessing a client file, depending where you are in Silverfin:

1. On the firm's overview page (the page you see when you log in/click on the top left logo if you are already in the system)

  • Depending on how many client files you have in Silverfin, you will either see a list of clients on this page or you will see a search bar (as below).
    • List of clients: simply click on the relevant name/start .
    • Search bar: start typing the client name and your options should appear.

2. Control/Command J 

This shortcut will become your new best friend. Think of 'J' being like 'Jump'! 

  • This feature lets you access other client files (or even certain accounts/reconciliations/reports in the client file you are currently working in!)
  • No matter where you are in Silverfin, press the 'Ctrl/cmd' then 'J' buttons on your keyboard and the search bar will appear!

For a demonstration of how to do this, please watch the following video: