Have you upgraded your version of Sage? (E.g. moved from v25 to v26?)

If you have recently updated/are due to update to a newer version of Sage, you will need to let your CSM know about this before the update can be accessed, as they will need to organise for an upgraded driver to be installed 

E.g. When v26 of Sage50 is released, our sync experts can connect with your IT team to install the new driver. Just drop your CSM a note with your IT contact and the new versions you require!

My client has sent me a new back up file

Your action will depend on whether your new Sage backup file also includes the historic information or not!

1) If your new Sage back up file contains all historic data, then you can resync the file to read the new Sage backup file with no transfer date

- Use option three (image below) to override the entire file.

2) If you new Sage back up file only contains the last 12 months of data, then you should resync the file to read the new Sage backup file with the required transfer date.

- Use option one in the image below to apply a transfer date 

A reminder on how to do this...

Edit Client >Sync tab ---> switch sync and you will see this screen:

In both scenarios you are asked to select the new (or the same) Sage version (E.g. v26) and then choose the Company number you wish to sync with