New year (end), new you!!

When you change your year-end in Xero, the new period will pull through to Silverfin, but you may find that your figures aren't 100% accurate. 

Why is this happening?

To put it simply, your transactions aren't sitting in the correct place in prior periods and this needs to be corrected in Silverfin.

What do I need to do?

If you realize your figures aren't correct, there are 2 ways to correct this.

1) Contact support and tell them that you have changed your year-end in Xero and that your file needs to be reset. If it's a regular 12 month period still (e.g. you changed the year-end in Xero from 31/12 to 31/03 with no extended/shortened year) then only a reset is needed.

2) Reset the file yourself! Reconnect the Xero sync and pull the data into the correct periods in Silverfin. 

Plain and simple, don't oversync it ;)