Just when you thought Silverfin couldn't get any better...it did!

Not only does Silverfin synchronise the account number, name and value: it also synchronises all the general ledger details within each account. 

Note: the exception to this is when you opt for a Xero TB only sync for FX clients. As those details are not imported. 

1) Within the relevant account/s, click ' View ledger' and all the GL details from your bookkeeping system will appear.

2) If you'd like to use this detail to reconcile your account, scroll down to the ' Reconciliation' section and click 'Actions' -> 'Import reconciliation data'

3. You will then need to select which fields you want to reconcile automatically in the template below. You can upload detail from an Excel file, or use the information in the ledger. 

An example... let's say you want to reconcile the Sales figures, and each line in the ledger has the customer in the 'Description' field and the invoice number in the 'Reference' field. 

You can use the import reconciliation data and select the 'Item' as 'Reference' and  'Description' as 'JNL description'.

And the below will appear:

And you're ready to reconcile!