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With the Interact feature in Silverfin, you can share specific notes and complete workflows with your client, allowing them to fill in proposals in the template. These proposals do not automatically flow into the templates themselves; the accountant must first accept or reject the proposals.


Steps to Use Interact

  1. Grant Access to the Client:

    • Give your client access to fill in data in a template or a complete workflow by creating a to-do in which you mention the client with @.
    • The client will see this to-do in the Pulse.
  2. Client Fills in Data:

    • The client clicks on "view in context" and fills in the necessary data.
    • After completing the data entry, the client clicks on "submit proposal". They must send a communication message to notify the accountant of their changes.
  3. Accountant Reviews and Assesses the Proposal:

    • The accountant receives a notification and can click on "view proposal" in the template or the review tab.
    • The accountant can then choose to accept, request a change, or reject the proposal.
  4. Final Data Entry:

    • Only after the accountant accepts the proposal will the client's entered data be permanently included in the template or workflow.


  • Create a to-do: Create a to-do and mention the client with @ to give them access.
  • Fill in data: The client fills in the data and submits the proposal with a communication message.
  • Review the proposal: The accountant reviews the proposal and accepts or requests changes.
  • Final entry: Data is only finalized after the accountant's acceptance.

By following these steps, you can effectively use the Interact feature in Silverfin to optimize collaboration with your clients, both for specific notes and complete workflows via the review tab.