Let's say you are editing a workflow working screen, or building a new report, or maybe setting up checks that are relevant for various nominal codes... You don't want to write out each nominal code... here are some shortcuts!

1- A few nominal codes

If you want a check or group to apply to a few nominal codes, separate these with a comma (,) 

For example: 500000,500010,500011

This will give you the value of nominal code 500000 and 500010 and 500011

2- Using a range

If you want a range of codes, use 2 underscores to capture the start and end bounds of the range (__)

For example: 400001__400022

This will give you the value of all nominal codes between 400001 and 400022 (i.e. 400001 and 400002 and 400003.... and 4000021 and 400022)

Note: Silverfin will only allow you to have a range that covers 200 options. 

E.g. You cannot create a range which is 500001__500300. You would need to use your comma's to separate this 500001__500200,500201__500300) You can see the first range is no bigger than 200 codes.

3- A whole set of nominal codes

An even better way to do this would be to use partial codes to bring in full sets of codes. Let me show you:

For example: If I just entered a code 141, this would give me all codes beginning with 141.

This will give you all codes beginning with 141. (i.e. 141000, 141001, 141002 ... 141999). So I have been able to capture 1000 codes with just 3 numbers! 

So in the above example, I could combine commas, ranges and partial code: 5000__5002,500300

This would give me all codes beginning with 5000, all codes beginning with 5001, all codes beginning with 5002, and the code 500300. 

Some more examples:

  • Share Premium: 310000__310010. This will give me all codes between 310000 and 310010.
  • Wages and Salaries: 700100,700110__700114. This will give me codes 700100 and all codes between 700110 and 700114
  • Trade Debtors: 150000,150001,150010__150029. This will give you code 150000, code 150001 and all codes between 150010 and 150029

If you are using the Silverfin CoA, your workflow working screens and reports should be set up using all ranges in the Extended CoA, but this is useful if you ever want to modify them!

It's also useful when you are adding checks to a particular nominal code!

You can also see this in the allocation of account templates: