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Tagging your communication helps you easily identify relevant information and stay organized. By using tags, you can quickly see which communication is important to you, which tasks are urgent, and which points you want to discuss during a meeting. This ensures you can work more efficiently and nothing gets overlooked. Follow these steps to effectively tag your communication:


Determine the purpose of your tags

  • What are the points you want to discuss during the client meeting?
  • What are the urgent tasks?
  • What communication is for your department?

Creating Tags:

An admin in your firm can create tags in the admin section. These predefined tags will be available when creating communication. To add a new communication tag:

  1. Navigate to the templates tab at the firm-level.
  2. Scroll down to the communication tag section.
  3. Add a new communication tag.

Add tags to your communication

  • In the communication pop-up window, choose the tags you want to add to your communication.
  • You can also edit the tags within the communication portal to remove or modify the selected tag.

Archiving or Removing Tags

If a tag has never been used, you can remove it from the Communication tag overview on firm level. However, once a tag has been used, you can only archive it. Archiving will make the tag unavailable for future periods, and it will no longer appear in the dropdown menu. Nonetheless, it will remain visible in communications from previous periods.

Please note that while tags help organize your communication, it is currently not possible to filter based on tags.