As an admin user - you can define which account templates will be allocated to certain codes within the CoA.

When you start your Silverfin journey, we provide you with our default set of account template allocations, based on our knowledge and experience, but you have the flexibility to change this if there is something more relevant for your firm.

How to see which account templates are allocated to what:

Within 'Templates' you will see a list of all the Account Templates within your environment (remember to check the marketplace to ensure you have all the templates you require). See image below:

Note: You can see these are all part of the 'UK Working Papers' Marketplace package.

Take the 'bank reconciliation' for example, you can see that the codes 140900,140910__140929 appear next to the account template, in a light grey colour:

How to edit the account template allocation:

You can edit this at any time, by clicking on the account template and updating the CoA numbers that you want this account template applied to: