What is auto-scoping? 

Autoscoping is a new capability now available in Accounts Production. Auto-scoping is Silverfin's intelligent capability to detect if there is any Trial Balance data for the relevant accounts which feed into each specific notes. If no data is detected for any of the accounts, then the relevant Note with be automatically hidden. This saves you the trouble of needing to manually star or unstar a note for inclusion.

What do I need to do?

For the periods ended on or after 31 March 2021, this feature will be turned on automatically. For periods ended before 31 March 2021, users have the option to switch this feature on or off.

If your year-end is on or before March 2021, you will see a drop-down menu to activate auto-scoping where you can select to have this on or off. To switch this on, simply select 'yes' and hit enter to save your changes.

What if I still want to include or exclude a note?

If you would like to add in a particular Note, you can simply override the auto-scoping of accounts via the 'override and include' column. 

Simply select the checkbox for the relevant Note you wish to include and Silverfin will bring this back into the workflow.

To exclude a Note where the relevant accounts contain data, the note can be unstarred on the workflow level.