This account template is used to reconcile the underlying accrued income value per your trial balance to the relevant documentation (i.e. details of the invoices accrued for).

Firstly you will need to get the relevant accrued income information from the client's underlying bookkeeping system. Once you have this data you can either:

Option 1: Enter the data manually into the template

Option 2: Upload an extract from the underlying bookkeeping system into the account template

[ Note: there is no preference to which option you choose to complete your working paper, it's up to you!]

Option 1: Enter the data manually into the template

Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 02.20.58.png

1. Contact (or Customer): Enter the debtor/creditors name/company name.

2. Ageing: Enter the period in which the balance lies.

Option 2: Upload an extract from the underlying bookkeeping system / Excel into the account template

If you already have your ageing analysis in another system, there is no need to manually enter it in. You can simply download an Excel extract of your aged debtors/creditors and upload this into Silverfin!

Here's a few key points to remember when doing this:

  • Make sure all the columns in your import have column headers
  • Silverfin recognises commas as the end of a whole number so please ensure thousands are not separated with a comma 

e.g. Use £15000.00 and not £15,000.00

1. To import a document, click ' Actions' → 'Import reconciliation data'


2. Select the 'Upload Excel file' option and then map your account headers on your import to the account headers available in Silverfin

Select 'Replace Data' to replace all the data already in the template

Select 'Append to Data' to add to it.


Copy Data

When you move into the next period, you can quickly and easily copy the data from the prior period over to the current period.