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Welcome! This guide will help you process the questionnaire in the Personal Income Tax module. We will explain step-by-step how to complete the questionnaire, communicate with your accountant, and share documents.


Starting with the questionnaire

You have received an email to create a password (if you are a new user) and another email containing a link to the questionnaire. Click “Open” to begin entering your personal details.

Communication with your accountant

Are you unable to update certain information (such as your name or national registry number) or do you have questions for your accountant?Use the communication panel at the top right to inform your file manager:

  1. Click on the speech bubble at the top right to open the communication panel.
  2. Click on “Add a new message.”
  3. Type your message and save it.

Your accountant will receive a notification and handle your request.

Sharing the documents

Some questions allow you to upload documents, such as certificates or loan agreements. These documents will then become available to your accountant. If a document is already available because we are retrieving this information from Tax On Web, it will be displayed next to the question.  Click “Manage” to see a preview or use the “Upload” button to add additional documents.

To complete the questionnaire correctly, follow these steps in the provided order:

  1. Complete the fields on the page.
  2. Click “Confirm” at the bottom to save your answers.
  3. Use the “Next Page” button to proceed to the next section.

You don't know the answers to all the questions? Don't worry! You can still confirm the page and return later using the overview menu on the left side of your screen.

Sections of the questionnaire

Follow the questionnaire section by section to ensure that all required information is completed:

Personal Details

Your basic details, such as name and national registry number, are pre-filled. However, you still need to provide other information like telephone number, home situation, and bank details. This data is crucial for your tax return and potential refunds. Note that you cannot edit certain data (surname, first name, and national registry number) yourself. If you spot an error, click on the speech bubble at the top right to open the communication panel and inform your accountant. They will make the necessary adjustments.


You are asked to provide information about your children, childcare expenses, and other dependents, such as live-in parents, parents-in-law, and siblings-in-law. This also includes details about alimony payments and receipts.

Immovable properties and loans

Verify and complete details of your real estate and loans. If we already have information, it will be displayed at the top of the page.

Includes income from self-employment, remuneration, benefits, and pensions. Many details are filled in automatically via Tax On Web; please verify these for completeness. If you are self-employed, you can upload here your (S)VAPZ attestation.

Movable income

Includes royalties, income from movable property, dividends, and interest. Please enter all relevant information. 

Various income

Please indicate income from association activities, sharing economy activities, and payments for advertising on your property facade. This category encompasses a broad range of revenue sources.

Tax credits

Depending on the region selected in the “Personal Details” template, questions will be asked about pension savings, service vouchers, gilts, etc. This information is crucial for calculating your tax benefit and, if available, will be automatically populated through Tax On Web.

Additionally, questions about winwin loans, friends shares and loans to start-up small companies

will be available based on the region selected. Please ensure to complete all relevant information to take full advantage of regional tax benefits.

Provide complete information on foreign bank accounts, life insurance policies, and legal structures for both yourself and your partner. Indicate whether these accounts have already been reported to the Central Contact Point; if not, your accountant can arrange this for you.

Property rentals contributed as a professional expense

If you partially use a rental property for professional purposes and wish to deduct the rent as a professional expense, starting this year, you must include an additional attachment with your tax return. This requirement does not apply to agricultural land rented under leaseholding legislation. Additionally, this information is not necessary if the rent is covered by VAT-compliant invoices.


Did you make any advance payments in the past calendar year? If so, this information should have been automatically recorded here through Tax-On-Web.

Submitting the questionnaire

When you have completed all the questions and/or gone through all the pages, the progress bar in the upper right corner will reach 100%. On the summary screen, green spheres will be visible throughout. Click the “Mark as Complete” button when you are ready to send the questionnaire to your accountant.

Have you completed questionnaire and you see a red triangle? Please click 'Mark as completed with missing fields.

After finalising, you'll notice that the questionnaire has been submitted to your accountant for review. Did you forget to include something or wish to make changes? If so, please click on 'make changes' or leave a message via the communication panel on the right.

Next year

 You'll have all the information you filled out this year available for next year's preparations. This will streamline the process, helping you quickly identify the relevant questions.

For inquiries related to the content of the questionnaire, please use the communication panel within the module to contact your accountant. They can offer additional assistance with any specific questions or comments.