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This article explains how, as an admin user, you can adjust at the office level the settings for questions about various incomes within the Personal Income Tax module.

Table of contents

Steps to configure the template

1. Navigate to Templates

At the office level, go to Templates >>> Client configuration>>> Workflow configuration

2. Select Tax year and Mapping List

At the top of the form, you will find two selection fields: Tax Year and Mapping List. Once set, future tax years will automatically use the latest values from the most recently modified tax year.

3. Configure Fields

Below the selection fields, you will find the configurable fields in the order they appear in the template. Currently, this only applies to various income. To remove a question from the questionnaire, uncheck the box in the middle column.

This setting applies to all files. If information for a disabled question comes in via integration with TOW, the question will reappear in the appropriate file where it applies.

By following these steps, you can tailor the various income questions to meet your office's needs, ensuring a streamlined process for future tax years.