At Silverfin we have a range of useful resources to help you on your journey with us. In addition to the array of Help Articles, Masterclasses and Guidance videos, you also have access to a fantastic Support team and a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). 

Directing your query to the right place will ensure we can assist you as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

How can your CSM help?

Your CSM is there as your trusted advisor and partner at Silverfin, ensuring that you get the most value out of Silverfin by utilising all the product features you need, and therefore really helping your business grow and develop. 

Your CSM is your main contact and will help coordinate your onboarding, success plans and business objectives. You should contact your CSM if you have product suggestions, want to discuss adding new files or if you have any escalations. 

How can Support help?

Support can assist with any 

  • Reporting any performance or technical issues
  • Template and Platform queries
  • Sync connectivity and support
  • General usage queries to your Client or Firm

Common things Support can assist with include unbalanced files and adapting book-years. In addition the more information you provide, the better we’ll be able to assist. 

For example requesting assistance with a pdf / iXBRL export or template?

Please provide:

  • Client File Name
  • URL  (where applicable)
  • Details or example of the issue 
  • Details of what you’re expecting to see
  • A screenshot  (where applicable))
  • Attachment of the or pdf/iXBRL file (where applicable)