We did some user research and were horrified to find out that review of the Silverfin file was often happening outside of Silverfin on…you’ll never guess it...paper! When we asked why, it was because Silverfin did not make your life easy to review, there was a lot of clicking, and the system can be quite complex.

Here at Silverfin, two of many things we like are; trees, and smart ways of working. But what we were hearing was not helping either of those cases.

So we took some inspiration from the reviews you were doing on paper. Now we give you your own dedicated review screen that’s centered on the user experience of the reviewer of a workflow rather than the preparer, right here in Silverfin (yes, on the interweb!). 

What is Workflow Review? 

Our goal is that eventually you’ll rarely have to leave this screen to do your review and it should be extremely intuitive to use (just like that trusty old pen and paper).

Currently in this screen you should be able to easily scroll through a read-only copy of all the reconciliations in any given workflow, with all the communication between your teams always shown, and any other useful information for review (like adjustments made to accounts) right there in the review screen.

Mark a Reconciliation or Template as reviewed

Review directly from the workflow review screen by selecting the 'Mark as reviewed' button. It's as simple as that! 

Remember: Each template and reconciliation can be reviewed by up to 3 people. If the template has already been reviewed by another user, this will be reflected in the box.

The green ticks will appear once you have marked a template or reconciliation as reviewed, making it easy to identify from the Working screen.

Compare data side-by-side

Complete your reviews more efficiently by comparing two periods side-by-side. From this view, we’ve highlighted differences to enable you to can easily spot items that may need your attention.

Simply access the compare view by selecting the 'Compare' button at the top of the page. 

Then select the period you wish to compare from the drop-down. To exit the comparative view, simply select the 'Stop comparing' button.

What will it become in the future? 

This new screen is just the start of great things to come, we already have a lot of exciting things planned to improve it over the coming months:

-Ability to add in-context communication on specific inputs (like you can now on reconciliation pages)

- Adding more structure/navigation to this screen

Importantly, since this is brand new functionality, we still need to learn a lot about how you review, so we’d love to know your feedback. You can email it to support@silverfin.com.