When you view the working papers for accounts and reconciliations, you will see an icon that quickly shows you it's status at a glance

There are 2 types of reconciliation: 

1) Red / green: these reconciliation require some input to reconcile and be deemed complete. These will contribute to the workflow % completion.

  • Green dot: the reconciliation or account has been reconciled and the supporting information you have added matches the TB value
  • Red triangle: the details of the account or reconciliation do not yet correspond to the value in the general ledger and action is required to reconcile this

2) Grey / yellow squares: these reconciliations do not require input to be complete, but if you have changed any of the defaults, will turn yellow. These do not contribute to the workflow % completion.

  • Grey square: this does not require reconciliation to a value in the the general ledger. This is why a square is shown. A green dot or red triangle is therefore of no use. A grey square means there are some fields in that template that have default values / text in them, that have not been edited. It might be that there is no input required, so it is not a sign that something is necessarily wrong!
  • Yellow square: A yellow square means there has been some manual input in one of the fields. The field with input will have a yellow corner to it!  
  • If the reconciliation has required inputs that are not filled in it will turn to a red triangle, which means it's not reconciled. It will show a yellow square again as soon all the required fields are filled in.