You will find a large number of reports in the Silverfin template collection. A question that we get is how an engagement letter or other reports can be added to the documents. 

An engagement letter of this kind may contain permission, for example, to open an annual bundle of files with a legal disclaimer, or a short explanation addressed to the directors, or a description of your legal assignment. 

Do you want to create your own document, such as an engagement letter, quickly and easily?

  • Go to any file
  • Go to ‘Documents’, add a new text and save it 
  • Create a template from this new text
  • This template is now available to edit at office level

What do you need to include in this kind of text? Silverfin Template code!

Take a look at the Silverfin Community. This is the place where enthusiastic users get to grips with the Silverfin programming language. It includes documentation, and if you get stuck you can ask the Silverfin developers for help. 

The Silverfin Community site includes a few examples (under ‘Reports’) that are sure to help you personalise an engagement letter to suit your office’s needs. Check it out here :)