What You'll Learn

  • How to create and use tags and formulas in Reports
  • Basics on how to customise the style of your Reports 

As an Admin user you can use a range of formulae, reference accounts and create tags in your reports, and these can be built in different ways! 

To start you need to navigate to the Report you'd like to edit. From your firm level navigate to Templates, then to the Reports section and select 'edit report' on the Report you'd like to edit. 

How to create a formulae:

1. When you are in the report building page, simply drag the '+ NEW FORMULA' box to the area that you want to compute the formula.

2. You will then see a pop-up box where you can build your formula.

Referencing accounts

This is where you directly reference the account numbers you want in your formulae - this will be specific to your chart of accounts.

For example: Days payable


  • #5 means that all the amounts for all the accounts beginning with 5 have been added together
  • #240000__240019 means that all the accounts 240000 through to 240019 have been added together (note that the symbol here is two underscores, _ and _, with no space between them)

Referencing tags

You can also use ‘tags’ for groups of accounts. These tags can then also be used in calculations. Do watch out, however, for typos and capital letters: tags are case-sensitive.

How to make tags: 

1. Simply select the pencil next to any line in your report 

2. Type in the tag you wish to allocate

Possible operations:

The function signs are the same as in other applications: 

+ add

- subtract

/ divide

* multiply

# this will sum all numbers

__ (2 underscores) this will compute the range

Be careful! If you want to make a calculation involving figures, make sure the separator for decimals is a decimal point, not a comma (so use 1200.23 rather than 1.200,23 or 1200,23).