You can change the frequency of the data you see in Silverfin, by following the steps outlined below! Remember to check with your admin team, as sometimes a monthly file has a different cost!

To change the report frequency you need to do the following: go to ' Edit client' -> 'select the tab periods' and chose a new frequency. Do not forget to save the changes!

Note: When electing to change to a lower frequency (e.g. from month to year), a number of periods will be erased. This means you will lose all the work that was uploaded to these periods. If you are unsure what to do, please contact our support team.

E.g.: You have a monthly report frequency and you have an interim closure on 30/06. If you then change the frequency to yearly, the period 30/06 is no longer available in Silverfin and all data that was linked to this period will be lost.

If you have a manually uploaded file and you increase the frequency, the new periods will not automatically be available. 

You can easily add new periods using the  'add new period' button on the client overview screen. 

Let us know if you need any help!