As an administrator, you can opt to lock reports at firm level in Silverfin. 

Locked reports

If a report is locked, it means that changes cannot be made at the client level. 

If a new, locked report is added to a client, the new accounts will follow the rules at firm level and any new accounts will be allocated automatically. If changes occur later at firm level, all the locked reports will change in all the clients where this report is active.

Unlocked reports

If a report is unlocked, it simply means that you can make edits at the client level!

If you create a new, unlocked report for a particular firm, all the accounts will follow the settings configured at firm level. Sometimes there are accounts that still need to be allocated to a file manually. These will be indicated by the red figures beside a report. 

If more new accounts are added to this file after creating the report, these accounts will be classified as non-allocated accounts and you will need to allocate them manually, even if there are rules at firm level. This is because Silverfin assumes that you have chosen to deviate from the firm standard in unlocked reports.

Tip: if a contributor needs to edit a locked report, they can select 'copy' and a duplicate report will be constructed, which will be 'unlocked' so that a contributor can edit any part of the report.

How to lock a report:

You can lock or unlock a report at the administrator level in Templates. Simply select the report you want to lock, and tick the box next to 'Locked.'

You can recognize locked reports by the padlock icon next to the templates.

'Locked' and 'unlocked' should not be confused with 'private' and 'public.' A reminder: private and public refers to what can be viewed by your client in Pulse.

If you are a regular user, and you love the locked reports, but you want to make a small edit to one of them to make it custom-made for your client, how do you do this? It's really easy!

1) Open the locked report you want to edit

2) Select 'more options' and 'copy'

3) You will be able to rename your report and this opens the editor

4) Edit to your heart's content!