The timing of when a report becomes visible in Pulse depends on when the user decides to share the report or to make it 'public'.

This is quick and easy to do! 

1) Go into 'Reports' tab

2) Select the report you want to share and open it up.

Hold up!!??? Why is the 'Key financial metric' report different from the other 2? 

Well spotted! Key financial metrics has an open eye and a green background. This means the report is already public and can be viewed in Pulse! 

3) Click 'More Options' -> 'Make public'

Yup, that worked!

And your Balance Sheet is now visible to the client in Pulse (if the period has been made public).

This is an action that can only be performed by an admin user. If you do not have these rights, contact an admin users within your firm.

As with reports, it's up to the user to make the period visible (or not visible) to clients.

As a first point of call, it would be advisable to make a new period 'private' until such time that you are ready to share it with the client.

How do you do this? 

1) Go to the ' Client Overview' page of the relevant client file. Select 'Actions' -> 'Make private'

What does this do?

- The client won't be able to view the period in Pulse at all (if there is a prior period which they have access to, they will be taken to that period). 

- As a user, if you go into Pulse you'll see that the period isn't available for the client to view:

When you're ready to make your period visible, you can do this is one of two ways:

1) The same way you made the period private to begin with! 

' Client overview' -> 'Actions' -> 'Make public'

2) Go to the Pulse screen (shown above) and 'Click here' to open the period.