Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency!

Silverfin works on the premise that data only needs to be input once. That's why we have the option to 'Copy data' to the subsequent period.

Basically, when you first set up the client file, you will need to ensure all the relevant data has been input for the account to reconcile HOWEVER in subsequent months, only new items will need to be added. This can be done:

1. On an individual account level

2. Within a reconciliation

3. On a the whole file

We will look at the prepayments account for this example:

1. Copying data within an account

a) When you are in the second period of the client file and in the prepayments account, scroll to the bottom of the page to where it says 'Comparative reconciliation'. Here you will see the option to select the prior period. 

Select the prior period in the dropdown and then click 'Copy to current period'.

As you can see, the data is automatically copied over from the prior period and the 'prepaid amount' is adjusted.

2. Within a reconciliation

We can use the Fixed Asset Register in this example. If you go to Actions in the top right, and select 'Copy Data.'

You are then asked to select from which period you want to 'copy and rollforward' the data from:

You will then get a nice green bar once the copy is complete!

3. Copy data on a whole client file level

When you are ready to prepare the working papers in the new period, go to the 'Client Overview' screen and click 'Actions' -> 'Copy details'

You will then need to select the prior period, and select which accounts and reconciliations you want to copy over to the current period:

When you're done, scroll to the bottom and click the 'copy details' button:

NOTE: The Directors, Secretaries and Shareholders/Statutory Information template can only be copied in full by using option 3 above (Copy data on a whole client file level). If you use option 2 (Within a reconciliation), you will notice that only the directors data copies over. 

As you now know, you do not have to copy everything using option 3, so if you do want to copy the details of this template alone then select: Actions -> Copy details on the 'Client Overview' page and scroll right on down to the end to find the template in question: