What to include when you contact Silverfin Support:

You can contact support at any time about any questions or issues you may be experiencing. To do this, simply click the ‘Help’ button in the top righthand corner in Silverfin and select Knowledge base for accessing our articles or to send an email, or select chat to start a chat with one of our agents. 

You will then see a pop up like the below appear, here you will see a list of suggested articles that you can search through to find your answer, or you can click ‘Send us an email' to email your query to us at Silverfin Support.

In order to help us resolve your query quicker, here is some useful information for you to include in your message to us:
- The full file name you are working in e.g. ABC (Devon) Limited
- URLs
- Screenshots of the issue
- Information around what you were doing in Silverfin that led you to the issue/query
- The full name or account number of the template you are in - please no acronyms!
- Whether you are referring to a template in Silverfin or information seen in an exported document
- If you have contacted us before about the same query, the reference number of your last interaction with Silverfin Support would also be helpful

For a demonstration of how this looks in Silverfin, please watch the below video: