You can forward emails (with or without attachments) to a specific, unique address, so that they end up in the Documents section of Silverfin. 

Each client has its own unique address, which you can find at the bottom of the 'Documents' screen:

If a mail is forwarded to this address, it will be stored in a separate folder in the Silverfin Documents section:

The folder in which the mails end up depends on how they are forwarded: 

Mail Attachments: 

1. To store only the attachment of an email, forward the email directly to the mail address, and the attachment will be placed in the 'Mail Attachments' folder.  Note: The content of the mail will not be stored in Silverfin, only the attachment. 


1. To forward a mail with no attachments, simply forward on to the relevant email address. The body of the email will be saved in the folder 'Mails'

2. To forward a mail with detail in the body of the email AND an attachment,

  • Forward email directly to the email address
  • Add the same email address in cc 
  • Copy yourself in cc

The body of this email, + the attachment will be saved in the folder 'Mails.'

The folders created are automatically set to private