The golden rule in Silverfin is short and sweet.

You should never have to input the same information twice. 

That's why there is a very handy option to 'import reconciliation data' from an Excel document into Silverfin.

When will you use this?

Whenever you want, really! For example, perhaps you have a fixed asset register in Excel and want to maintain it in Silverfin to reap the benefits of the automated calculations. Or, perhaps you are using a Xero TB only sync so the ledger details from the underlying bookkeeping system are not pulled through into Silverin.

How do I do this?

Within the relevant template, click 'Actions' and then select 'Import Reconciliation Data' and ensure that 'Upload Excel file' is selected as the 'Source'.

You will then be prompted to match the column headers per your Excel upload to the column headers in the relevant account template. Don't worry if you don't have the exact same headers, as not all fields are necessarily mandatory. You will be informed if something important is missing when you try and 'Replace data / Append to data'.

Here's a few key points to remember when preparing your Excel document:

  • Make sure all the columns in your import have column headers
  • Make sure there are no blank rows in the data
  • Silverfin recognises commas as the end of a whole number so please ensure thousands are not separated with a comma 

e.g. Use £15000.00 and not £15,000.00

  • If the template uses the # functionality, you will still need to drag in the relevant account so there is no need to map this when uploading your Excel document
  • If the template uses a 'Frequency' dropdown option, you will need to select the 'frequency' once the data has been imported
  • if you want to selected a 'bullet' (E.g. Directors in the Payroll rec) you need to use the word 'true' in your Excel upload

We think this feature is quite 'import'ant...hopefully you will find it useful ;)