This account template is automatically assigned to the bad debts expense nominal accounts, which are any codes mapped to 721200__721205 (if using the Silverfin chart of accounts).

The template is quite straight forward, and has the following fields:


1) Trade debtors balance

This is auto-populated based on the nominal accounts mapped to the trade debtors account in Silverfin.

2) Customer:

The name of the customer (read 'culprit') who is reasonably expected to have a bad debt arising.

3) Balance

The amount owed by the aforementioned customer

4) Details

Details of the possible bad debt.

5) Provision needed?

Does the customer debt need to be provided for? 'Yes' or 'No' selection.

6) Provision required

The value of the customer debt that has been provided for.

As always, if you have this data readily available elsewhere, you can import the data from your Excel file by clicking:

Actions → Import reconciliation data → Upload Excel file

See this article for more details on how to upload Excel files.