The director's loan account (DLA) with transaction details is an account template which can be applied to the Amounts owed to director's accounts (nominal accounts: 240301-240309, 250301-250309)

For details on how to manually apply an account template, read this article.

This is an alternative account template to the Directors' current account template.

What does it do?

As the name suggests, this template allows the user to analyse the director’s loan account on a transactional level. It also goes the next step by charging interest on the overdrawn amount when the running balance for the year exceeds the £10,000 threshold.

How do I complete it?

The easiest way to complete the template is by importing reconciliation data from the ledger details (think 'View ledger') in Silverfin. [Note: this isn't possible for a Xero TB sync or other syncs which don't support ledger detail so in this instance you can import the ledger details from Excel or enter them manually if required].

Select the 'From ledger' option and map the 'Source field' headers (excluding the 'interest rate' field). to the dropdown options provided.

This then populates the body of the template (reminder, you are also able to do this manually and not using the 'import reconciliation data' option if desired):

The interest rate by default is set as the official rate of interest per HMRC ( This can be overwritten manually if required.

Interest is automatically applied when the running balance for the year exceeds £10,000.

At the bottom of the input section, you will then get a breakdown of the:

  • Pre-interest balance (i.e. the 'before adjustments' value + the value of any 'adjustments'),
  • Total interest (per the 'Interest' column in the workings)
  • Balance as at the end of the period (the balance per the workings)

‘But if I import the ledger details, won't the opening balance in the account also be imported?' Don't worry, we've taken this into consideration. The ledger detail imported only includes transactions posted during the year.