Are you facing a synchronization issue that you're unable to resolve independently? The course of action, whether initiated by you or us, will depend on the specific nature of the issue.

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Make sure to check the error message in depth. Does this error message redirect you to check some details in the bookkeeping software? Please check this first.

You didn't find any solution or the error message is not clear for you? Please contact our Support Agents. 

On-Premise or SDK sync

If you have an On-premise or SDK sync issue, it is possible you need to contact your IT partner or Silverfin Support.

Do you have a long queue of files waiting to be synchronised, and the number is not decreasing?

The synchronisation service on the server will have to be restarted. In this situation, it is best to contact your IT partner, as they can restart this synchronisation service on your server for you.

You may of course also contact our Support for this. Then Silverfin Support will contact your IT Partner to request access to your server so that we can restart the synchronisation service. As your IT Partner is at the source of the server, we recommend you contact them first, so that the service can be restarted faster. If they need assistance, you or your IT Partner can still contact us.

Connection time-out?

We could not connect with your server. This is most of the time a temporary situation. Please try again after 1 hour.

What sync is an On Premise or SDK sync?

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How do I contact support regarding a sync question?

When you need assistance, you can contact us via our support page by providing the following information. 

- File name:

- Firm name:

- File link:

- Error message:

- Screenshot, if possible:

- Wrong figures? Let us know which account differs, and what the desired result should be. Also, be sure to include a balance sheet and transaction history as an attachment to your ticket.

- If On-Premise or SDK-sync? Please also include your contact details of your IT Partner. That way we will be sure to have the correct details.

How do I send you all this information? 

You can click on top of our support page on "Submit a ticket". Fill all required field and submit your ticket.